Glory Days

I remember a time when
school children ran free.
And banged on their books.
Because the wolf and the fox
only appeared on the pages.
Saintly warriors danced
around the backstreets.
Too drunk to remember
who scored first.
And immortality
seemed a good thing.
Do you remember?
A time of ferocious cries,
and minds less clouded.
With that dull stain of life,
nowhere to be seen.
And the limbs of
the girl next door
fulfilled all our fantasies.
All the little creatures
had a mind and a soul.
And nobody set out
to steal the stars.
Do you remember?
I remember the
gentleness of flowers.
Living again, and,
shouting, and grieving.
Then came this darkening light.
That feeds a darkening mood.
Laced with grief.
and shreds of a rising moon.
But I still remember.

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