Autumn melody

Mountains and sky wonder.
The crowds outside,
lift the wind.
A spoonbill laughs,
ripples from a rock I’ve thrown.
In the woods just out of sight,
a jade beauty sings to me.
Now my tendrilled soul,
has found its home.
To sing the songs of the heart.
Soothing the sun to slumber.

You came to me in a dream

Poetry, for me… is about moments… sometimes creating them… sometimes remembering them. They are always there.

Pillowed up in my room,
summers heat
still on my back.
A long night of
soul -recalling blasts.
That turn into
a dull grey dawn.
A few turns to the left,
and a strain of the air.
And there you are……
No longer a muffled cry.
A wildness, pure and fine.

A time of the rainbow

Since I arrived in Taiwan, I have written more than 200 poems. Tomorrow, I leave Taiwan for Hong Kong. 🙏

The hot summer sun,
healing hardened hearts.
Now at an end.
From darkness to light,
you gave me your love.
Morning rush,
and afternoon kisses.
And night rains passion,
bluer than the bluest ocean.
Chance made it happen.
Do not despair,
a love again – we meet.

Tainan Days

A trip to Tainan on Tawian this afternoon. And a poem I wrote 🙏

Awakened by sounds,
of dogs barking,
a rooster crows.
All to open the day.

A single yuhina flies by.
As the temple bell rings,
and speaks of this
sweet parting.

In the distance,
I see waves
caressing the shore.
Each swell a loving soul.

‘Spring’, I thought.
And a heart sighs.
To continue on,
these firefly days.

Autumn, how will it end?

A new journey about to begin. A poem I wrote last night 🙏

This Autumn night,
stuck and loved.
Such things as
these precious kisses.
A new moon,
all life……
Some of you
and some of me.
A leaf falls,
the first splash
of a ripe and fruitful season.
Sweet and definitive.