Lost in my thoughts

​Standing there
in the morning cold.
I thought to make
something of the day.
No thoughts of age or death.
Or the storm-wind
that sometimes comes.
So, I bought some flowers
and flirted with the streets.
Shifting to another place,
and another time.
The story of a sunset glow.
And a love that washed over
a canopy of heaven.

Lost in lo-fi

When lonely people come around,
I say hello.
At least it stops the world spinning.
Everything can be seen
through dandelion dreams.
And it allows us all
to ask certain questions
about life and things.
Without thunderclaps at midnight.

You enter yourself

​I crossed a bridge in
​Hangzhou today.
​Leaving my old self behind.
​Between now and now.
​A rare delicious road.
​One curious soul meets another.
​Two world’s connect.
​All because I crossed
​a bridge in Hangzhou today.

Unpredictable accidents

​Where does this
noise come from?
Drifting in the wind
and in the spring rain.
And covered by its love.

This is all that
counts for me now.
The noise, your lips,
your eyes and the rest
of your body and soul.

My first real existence
for such a long time.
A poets quest and
a poets desire.
Yet to be completed.