Lost constellations

2am, unable to sleep.
The sounds I hear,
stiff and vertical.
Fluorescent lights,
our glorious and petty failures.
Waking up fragmented
disks of emptiness.
Years go by, I find
places for my thoughts.
Perhaps life is finding a path,
out of these thoughts
and back to itself?
But I’m always
immersed in your era,
and the smothering
of a vigorous life.
A deserted field and
stones crushing my body.
Turning away everything obscure.
This is how my life was to be.
Love and moonlight, hidden
between iron and steel.
But now I say to the trees –
these memories, these thoughts
they are my friends.
My dear ones…..
Sparse and unconvincing shadows.
But they are not the only
things coming my way.
In time, the era turns small-
just an existence of dust.
A pain no longer so bright.

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