Leaving Shanghai or How to address the fog?

Shanghai quarantine poem #15

Locked away for weeks.
A life on hold and
strange hibernation.
Still looking out of a window.

Each hotel room,
takes a shadow.
Coming to rest on my soul.
No more jasmine in bloom.

And you made this…..
Until there was nothing left.
Only dragonflies in amber.
And fog – bound roads.

So, I danced between
death and a new feast.
Then love came,
drenched in plum rain.

And, I walked again.
Until, there was nothing
to see but light.
And dancing blue magpies.

Of this exile, and this journey –
you will soon know.
And each name will be called.
Through a thinning mist

And of the strangest sea,
that walked inside my soul.
And kept me warm,
without a full stop.

It still glints,
and tastes like spring.
A swallowflight away,
it still guides my way home.

All over again.

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