Friday morning 4 A.M Fooyin University

A restless night…I woke early and wrote this poem.

The curtains are waving
and the dogs barking –
with far too much sound.
Summer, has almost given up-
only the empty bottles left now.
And I keep thinking,
of how it used to be.
The sounds of human life
dancing, glowing and glistening.
Before it all disappeared,
very quickly.
I know I want mad, then –
and couldn’t streighten up.
Nothing else appeared OK,
and sadness dripped
like water beads.
Most things just don’t work.
Now, I forget, I remember –
heroes and ants falling
like cherry petals.
And a new soul touches mine,
embers of old love quenched.
For now, the nearest thing
to being alive.

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